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700ml Travel Filter Water Bottle

700ml Travel Filter Water Bottle

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Product description

This bottle is designed to safely and quickly filter drinking water from any freshwater source, including lakes, wells, and hostel taps. So whether you're out camping or exploring a new city, the WaterWell 700ml water filter bottle will help keep you hydrated and safe.

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Life is better when you drink clean water

Stay safe and hydrated on your next outdoor adventure

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you always have a safe and reliable source of drinking water available, no matter where in the world you are.

  • Lightweight and easy to use

    Carry your water bottle around with ease

  • No aftertaste

    Enjoy great tasting water anywhere

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  • Long-lasting filter

    Filters up to 1,000 litres - the equivalent of 3,000 disposable plastic bottles

  • Suitable for everyday use

    Extend the life of your filter and switch out the filter with a reusable straw

  • D-Gate Carabiner

    Securely attach to your bag or backpack. Just clip and go!

  • Built to last

    Made of tough BPA-free tritan plastic so it’s highly durable

  • Auto shutdown

    Water stops flowing once straw lifespan has expired

  • 100% leak proof

    No more unwanted leakage or spillage

  • Hygenic cap

    Reduces the risk of cross contamination

How it works

Using a patented 2 stage filtration system, our filters filter particles to 0.1 microns ensuring safe clean drinking water every time.

WaterWell removes 99.9% of waterborne pathogens including chemicals, VOC’s, herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals, microplastics and lots of other nasty stuff. Now you’re left with great tasting, odourless water.

How to use

1. Fill up anywhere

With WaterWell you can enjoy great tasting water anywhere.

2. Connect the filter

Place the filter inside the bottle and twist the lid on tight.

3. Sip and drink

Flip open the mouth cover and extend the drinking nozzle.

Watch our video for a guide on how to use your WaterWell bottle!

  • Volume: 700ml

    Height: 23.5 cm

    Diameter: 7.5 cm

    Filter lifespan: 1,000 L

    Material: BPA-Free Tritan Plastic

    Weight: 195 g

    Technology: 2 Stage Ultra Filtration

    Flow rate: 450 ml/sec

  • WaterWell 700ml Water Bottle

  • 2 Stage Water Filter

  • Re-usable Straw

  • Backflush Device

  • Recyled Cotton Bottle Holder

  • D-Gate Carabiner

  • User Manual

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Does the filter come ready to use?

It should be soaked first before using to maximize its efficiency and lifespan. For first time usage, simply rinse the filter and bottle with clean water and stand the filter upright in water for 1 minute keeping the top 1cm dry. The filter flow rate will be slow at first but as the water penetrates the filter's fibers, the flow rate will improve.

How does the auto-shutdown feature work?

The filters naturally have an auto-shutdown feature. Once you feel it’s getting increasingly difficult to draw water through the filter this indicates the membrane is reaching capacity and it’s time to replace the filter. The filtering capacity is up to 1000 litres of water depending on the water quality and should be changed at least once a year after first use.

Can WaterWell filter viruses?

WaterWell protects against bacteria, parasites and cysts but does not filter out viruses the same is true for other filters based on particle filtration. Our filters remove all particles to a size of 0.1 microns - bacterial cells are typically 0.5 microns in size however viruses are one one-hundredth the size of the average bacterium.

If you’re worried that there could be a viral risk where you’re going we would advise to use with water that has been purified using reverse osmosis, chemicals, boiling or UV purified water and use WaterWell as a secondary filter. It’s important to note that some of these aforementioned methods do not remove sediment and particulates in the water.

Be sure to find out any possible viruses common in the regions you are visiting, and make sure you are up to date on your immunisations and follow the usage and maintenance instructions provided with the bottle and filter. ****

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