Never buy bottled water again!

We're helping to solve the global plastic crisis, one bottle at a time.

WaterWell was founded in response to the environmental crisis caused by incorrect disposal of single use plastic bottles and concerns of water safety when travelling.

We wanted to create a sustainable solution for travellers and outdoor enthusiasts who are concerned about their impact on the countries and places they visit. At the same time providing peace of mind that they are drinking safe water wherever they are.

At WaterWell, our mission is simple.

We want everyone to have easy access and protection of their drinking water. We do this by creating reusable, sustainable products that will save you money as well!

Choosing to buy a WaterWell filter bottle will not only save you money and enable you to drink safe water while travelling and hiking, you will also be helping to cut disposable plastic waste, making the world more sustainable one step at a time.