Adrian Durrant becomes the new WaterWell brand ambassador

WaterWell is delighted to announce that Adrian Durrant has become a new ambassador for the brand. This a fantastic opportunity for the business and for Adrian so we are excited to see what the future holds.

Adrian started paddling as a Cub Scout at 8 years old, from then on he had found a sport he loved, over the next 13 years Adrian continued to paddle, coach and study both a Btec in Sports Science Outdoor Education and a Degree in Watersports management to make his passion his life. Adrian continued to work in the industry as a coach before moving into the retail sector managing kayak stores in Dublin, Ireland. love for water has seen him take part and compete in many disciplines including Freestyle and Whitewater Racing where he has competed at both World and European Championships. After a long shoulder injury and surgery Adrian and his Jenny along with 2 dogs decided to move again, This time to Frances Loire Valley where they set up a Canoe Association ( Experience ) in disabled paddlesport as well as hosting canoe trips and guided whitewater trips.

Adrian is a dedicated outdoor professional who understands the environmental impacts and share many of our values in sustainable eco friendly products.

We caught up with Adrian Durrant:

"They offer a filtered water bottle which is both affordable and perfect for any adventure, Hiking, Travelling, Paddling its one of the most useful pieces of equipment I have come to own. I am really looking forward to supporting this company over the coming years and seeing the developments first hand!"

It is great to see that our values align with Adrian who is also an advocate of sustainable and responsible travel. Using WaterWell is a great way of reducing your carbon footprint and plastic waste when undertaking any adventure. It is the perfect alternative to single-use plastic bottles and is the solution to the huge plastic pollution problem in our oceans. Adrian will be helping us to spread the word so it is great to have someone onboard who is going to be amplifying these values to the wider public.

Adrian is always looking for his next challenge, and we want to make sure that WaterWell is with him every step of the way.

He recently took over as European Team Manager for Jackson Kayak (one of the biggest Kayak brands about) and manages 75 athletes top class athletes throughout Europe.

He continues to support disabled people and local communities in making paddling accessible for all. Be sure to check out Adrians experience canoe kayak for more details on the great work they are doing. 

You can be sure that Adrian has a lot in store in the next few years and we are looking forward to what we can achieve together. Keep up with our adventures on social media and Adrians website

"The feeling of flying, or the feeling of falling, that last stroke to pull through and let the boat release from its downward pull to accelerate away from the pool and into the clear water. Paddling is about feeling the water and the flow and forms it takes that’s what I think of that’s what I dream of and that’s where I want to be."