World Adventures with Kez

World Adventures with Kez

I've never been much of a long term planner, I like to remain open to opportunities that may present along the way, but having everything I need with me on a trip, no matter what length, is essential.


When I started preparing for this adventure I asked myself what was most important to me. I knew I'd be in various different climates so having the right clothing was essential, but what else? A lightweight comfortable backpack, medical supplies, the right footwear and of course a water bottle.


Health is so important, especially in far away places. You take out travel insurance and pack a first aid kit so why not keep your water supply just as safe. I wanted a bottle that I could drink clean, purified water from.

On the top of my list for a bottle was;

•quick to drink from (I'm not a fan of screw tops)


•fit easily into my day bag

•good for the planet.


One of my favourite features of the WaterWell bottle is that the water tastes like regular water, and I can rest assured that I'm in no danger of using the filter past the usage time, as it will just stop working, one less thing to worry about!


It's not always easy or convenient to grab a drink from a shop when you're halfway up a mountain in China, wild camping in Wales or in a rural village in India, but I always found there would be a tap or a river where I could fill up. Adventures are our thing, we like to delve right in there, get to know locals, sit back and watch life go by. We make our own path; take local transport, hire bikes, source local food, get off the beaten path and get lost!


WaterWell fits right into my travel style, it saves me money, I can take it everywhere and I don't need to waste time looking for shops. Having a refillable bottle that I can top up from the tap in my hotel room, wherever I am in the world, is not only super convenient but makes me very happy knowing I'm doing my bit towards saving the planet from more plastic waste.

It's safe to say that my WaterWell has become part of my daily routine while on the road and will remain so indefinitely.

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