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I am really impressed with this water filtration system. It is so simple and easy to use I cant believe that this is not the standard way to filter water. I was blown away with this purification system. It left absolutely no taste in the water and was so quick to work, it is such a simple system for the user, no measuring or pouring from bottle to bottle or waiting for clean water.The water filter is rated to last for 1000 liters which is great enough water to keep you going for a good few years. I would certainly recommend this filtration system to friend who go camping/fishing.

By D. Reeves

It is a great idea, and after use doesn't give water a strange taste so is fine to be used over and over again - for the 1000 litres which is a lot - when you need it. I'll be taking it on holiday with me, and trying to drink tap water in some European countries, as it's a lot cheaper in hotels and places to drink from the tap rather than keep buying water. I have no doubts that the water after filtration is safe to drink, and it would be really good if these were shipped in masses to poorer countries to help solve water issues. I'll be buying one for a friend who I know would also get good use out of it!

By Tomaster

I am really really really impressed with this water filtration system. It is so simple and easy to use I cant believe that this is not the standard way to filter water. I remember days when I used iodine to purify water and it would taste just awful the horrible iodine taste would get its way into anything the water would touch ruining countless pots bowls cups and water bottles. I remember the water tasting so bad that I would get dehydrated rather than drink the awful water. Therefore I was completely blown away with this purification system it left absolutely no taste in the water and was so quick to work, it is such a simple system for the user, no measuring or pouring from bottle to bottle or waiting for clean water.

By D. Wolfe

First impressions were good. It is a foldable brown colour water bottle with water filter, and its looks well-built. I am very impressed because now I can drink safely from taps in any country (no need to buy plastic bottles), or even from lakes, rivers, streams, ... It's perfect for my next holidays, or even for camping or outdoor adventures when only impure water is available to drink. Very easy to use it, just you need fill the water bottle with water and the internal filter makes the water drinkable and prevents diseases through contaminated water. And I can use this water bottle with this filter 2000 times, off course recommended to change a filter once in a year. Very happy with this would buy from this company again.


I ordered this water bottle for a cousin who does lots of travelling to remote places around the world and does a lot of backpacking. Once he received it he was very happy and told me he has ordered these before so knew that not only do they work but they last for ages. He said that he uses it on a regular basis especially when he's doing voluntary work in some remote villages as the water although ok for locals is not suitable for us. Simply fill the bottle with water from a stream or lake and the internal filter makes the water drinkable and prevents diseases through contaminated water. If only these could be supplied on mass :( But as my cousin says great product he uses over and over again and on this I have no problem recommending

By Big Spender

I bought this to use on hikes so I can drink water from streams and don't have to carry around liters of water. Being winter, I've not got much outdoor use from it yet, but have started taking it to work and the gym. It was a bit cheaper than the LifeStraw which is what pushed me over the edge. The bottle doesn't leak and is well made and tough. It is what it is. If you're wanting a cheap water bottle with a good filter to use outdoors, then this'll be for you.

By DJ Baird

Having been a regular traveller to the lake district where I would take on the numerous peaks and trails. I always found carrying a rucksack full of water a bit of a chore. Reccently one of my friends appeared with a water purification bottle which he simply used the nearby lake to fill his bottle up with. I was astonished and amazed and he explained to me that it was perfectly safe due to the filtration process. As soon I got home I did some research and came across this bottle by Water


​●The item arrived in a timely manner and was well packed filling me with confidence that I was in possession of a quality item.

● The bottle is generous in size and contains a full length removable filter that kills 99.9999% of just about everything.

The filter does effect the flow rate but who cares when you have that peace of mind that you can purify standing water. I now look forward to my next trip away were I can just top up on the go and don't have to worry about carrying great weights of water in my rucksack. This is a well made, smart looking, functional water bottle with a great filtration system. It is perfect for those who love the outdoors and want to be able to make use of the water around them. I definitely recommend this product!


I found the product to be as described online. The bottle is sturdy and well made, it's tough and durable, ideal for hiking and general outdoor use. It's also a great way to avoid buying bottles of water whilst travelling which is one of the main reasons for me wanting to use it. It's easy to hold and can be attached to a backpack as well.

By Amazon Customer

I have been out twice this winter and taken the bottle with me to avoid carrying litres of water for wild camps. The bottle is well made; sturdy, fairly light and a small enough size. Filling and drinking from the bottle is easy and I have suffered no ill effects from filling in fast flowing streams.

By Amazon Customer

This is a good size general purpose filtration water bottle, well made in an attractive colour and style. I received the bottle free of charge in order that I could test it out and post an honest review. I do a lot of hiking and hill walking in the lake district and this type of water bottle is ideal for those long summer days when out on the fells and you exhaust your water supply fairly quickly. I tested the bottle on a recent day out in northern Lakeland and found it did exactly what I expected of it. A little word of with all filtration bottles, it takes a little getting used to at first as you have to suck quite hard to get the water through. However, this does improve over time as the filter saturates.The flexible rubber mouthpiece is a nice feature making it easy to drink from. The bottle also comes with a strap and karabiner so you can attach it to a rucksack. I would definitely recommend this product.

By R Dunbaron

I saw this item and thought this would make a great addition to my hiking kit, especially where long trips are concerned. Item arrived quickly and on time, and packaging was good. The clever part of this drinking bottle - the filter - sits down the centre of the bottle, so that when you fill the bottle with water the filter is submerged. You then suck through the attached straw to bring up the water through the filter. As some have already stated this can be a little tricky to begin with but it does get easier - note I tried this with standard tap water. The bottle is well made and BPA free as stated. The bottle itself practically holds about 700ml of liquid. When I tested this product I filled it up and shook it vigorously once I had closed the lid. I am pleased to report that there were no leaks and I am sure that this would be the case in normal usage conditions too. Although the bottle is lightweight this does not mean it is not robust; it feels robust enough to be able to withstand a drop on to grass, but I would try not to drop it on anything more substantial than that. This is aimed at those who do travel a lot to various areas where perhaps good quality water is not easily or readily available (such as India, Asia, etc.), and for those people it is very much a recommended piece of itinerary.

By Phil

Really great water bottle! I wasn't sure about it at first as it kind of had a different taste, but after I had run water through it a few times, it tasted normal! Great size for a good grip. Clean, smooth sides that are perfect for applying vinyl decals, which is what I will be doing. (: The part that you sip out of is one of those where you have to bite down on it to sip through. I didn't know that before I bought it (probably didn't read enough about it), but I actually like that because it seems like it is less likely to spill. It is made of quality material, doesn't seem like it'll crack when dropped (like my last water bottle.. hence the need to buy a new one...). Overall, really great! I would definitely buy again. (:

By John

I exercise regularly and love my fitness gear and clothes. My sports water bottle is quite old now, so I decided it's about the time to replace it with a nice new one.

When I came across this Travel Water Bottle on Amazon and I loved it from the first sight - it fits enough water required for a serious workout which is great. Perfect for running outside, for hiking, or even for gym. It is really stylish and I'm sure it would be a perfect gift for any sports enthusiast as well. The bottle is made out of quality plastic/glass like material, it is clear, so you can see how much water you have left. The colour is very nice rich blue which goes nicely with my workout outfits - very girly and stylish (although it would suit a guy too!). I am pleased with the design and quality of this bottle - I will be recommending it to my friends too!

By Monika.Ran

Clean drinkable water is priceless to me….I workout on daily basis and I am an outdoor enthusiastic. Isn’t always an easy task to have proper “drinkable” water on both situations. I drink more than two and half litres of water per day and I can be a little fancy about my water.

My husband ordered this bottle to me. Our parcel arrived the very next morning, securely packed. The item is exactly as described and it is nicely presented into a long retail card box.

Inside the bottle is included a card with the item features, instructions, maintenance guide and additional information.

​It is a sturdy but very pretty bottle. Nicely designed, well built from resistant transparent – blue hard plastic and black & white lid made from a combination of soft rubber/ silicone and hard plastic. The bite valve (straw) is made from clear hard plastic and beautifully finished with a black silicone cover. On the very top, also has a hard plastic made hook which is super practical.

​This bottle holds 700 ml and its size is also excellent – it is app 22 cm tall x 7 cm (diameter).

​Inside the bottle is a “inbuilt” filter made from hollow fiber membrane plus coconut activate carbon which is able to filter up 1000 litres of water – what easily could least (to me) over a year. The filter is replaceable once passed this time. I had a look around but I didn’t find the price yet.

​The company claims that this filter bottle can remove 99.9% of bacterias and parasites, reducing the risk of illnesses.

​I have tested and I approve! The water tastes clean without that “erh” chemical taste.

​We here, love environmentally friendly products. This bottle is also BPA free.*

​I am happy with my new bottle and yes, I recommend it!

By Summer

Great product. i haven't used the bottle to its full potential by filling dirty water and by the time it reaches your mouth its clean; however i have filled it with my uni halls tap water which is very hard water, and by the time the water is filtered and reached my mouth the water is magically fresh tasting, in fact some of the nicest water I've drunk. this waters great, great for the intended use of going on adventures and great for every day use turning tap water into amazing fresh water. great product

By Aaronon

As someone who has traveled to many unsavory and unhygienic places through the course of my duties and career I know only too well the dangers of “less that pure” water...If only I had had something like this for my own personal use and consumption in my early days...It is a good size, comfortable, effective and pretty much fool proof as the inbuilt system prevents the flow of water once the filtration limit of 1000 litres has been reached...suitable for camping and hiking in the UK if you intend using untreated ground sources like lakes and rivers... if you are traveling anywhere where you know that the water treatment process is inadequate and this covers an awful lot of the rest of the world. I will be taking this with me the next time I go abroad (India). For the purposes of this review I did try it with river water and found that it works perfectly.

By Stephen MS

We took this on our family holiday. It served our needs practically and the stylish blue colour and strap handle were useful features

By Amazon Customer