Who We Are & What We D0

At WaterWell, our mission is simple:

  • ​To ensure that everyone has easy access to clean, healthy drinking water wherever they are.
  • To protect our environment by creating reusable, sustainable and eco-friendly products.
  • To save our customers' money by eliminating the need to buy expensive bottled water.

By using WaterWell products, you’ll be improving your health, finances, and the environment!

At WaterWell, we believe that clean drinking water is a right, not a privilege. We want to make clean water accessible for everyone and help to protect the environment by ending the widespread damage caused by plastic waste.

Founded in 2015, WaterWell has launched two highly successful product lines, including our new and updated 700ml Travel Water Filter Bottle.

​Whether you’re a traveler, camper, hiker,outdoor enthusiast, or just someone concerned about your health, we’re here to give you a cost-effective eco-friendly way to access clean drinking water. By reducing the waste and damage caused by harmful plastic bottles, we’re helping to do our part to protect the environment.

Today WaterWell products are used around the world including countries such as Panama, India, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Nicaragua, Peru, Turkey, Netherlands, UK, Germany, France, Spain, USA, Canada, and Mexico, With our Global distribution network we can ship to 180 different countries!

But this is just the beginning...WaterWell is driven and inspired to ensure that everyone has access to clean fresh drinking water no matter where they are. That’s why we are committed to continuing to innovate, introduce, and provide quality WaterWell products to meet your water needs.

​Meet Our Team

Sam Eaton

Founder & CEO​

Hi, I'm Sam. I"m a food scientist from the UK with a passion for responsible green travelling. As the great Robert Baden Powell once said, I truly believe we should "Leave this world better than you found it."

With 7 years of working experience as a product development technologist in high-risk food and drink operations, I put my passion and knowledge into developing quality water filtering products that will benefit anyone who wants access clean drinking water.

That's why I founded WaterWell - my goal is to provide safe and sustainable drinking water for everyone while eliminating harmful plastic bottle waste. Together, we can make the world a better and cleaner place.

Alex Wong

Marketing & Outreach

Hey there, I'm Alex, Toronto’s friendlist copywriter and marketer.

I love connecting with people and using words to bring their vision to life.

I have years of experience finger crafting irresistible content in a variety of industries, including travel, dating, dental and Amazon.

Besides writing, I’m passionate about healthy sustainable living as well as traveling.

That’s why I believe in WaterWell products because they’re the perfect solution for travelers and outdoor enthusiasts who may not have easy access to clean drinking water. I make sure to bring my WaterWell bottle wherever I go!

P.S. In case you’re wondering, yes, Canadians do say “eh”, but usually only when we ask a question ;)